Monitors and secures on-site road transport flows

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  • The shortage of truck drivers requires a cosmopolitan population

  • The “shipper” must interact with them in about fifteen different languages

  • Compliance with safety instructions is an essential step in the logistics process

  • Time management can be leveraged to improve the competitiveness of transport costs


Produit used by


Truckeo is a complete hardware and software package, including

  • Reception tablets

  • On-site access points

  • Software interfaces dedicated to different users

  • Localisation and forecasting software tools


  • Logistics transactions with road transport become tangible data

Product benefits

  • Automate reception to the site with a multi-language interface

  • Manage time spent on site of carriers

  • Enforce the site’s safety guidelines

  • Anticipate arrival times on site

  • Increase staff security

  • Save around 10€/truck/day

  • Provide proof of the time spent on site of each carrier


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